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         The Great Arab Heroes
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تتضمن هذه المجموعة البنود التالية:
- TAREK BIN ZIAD, Conqueror of Andalusia
- SAAD BIN ABI WAKKAS, Hero Hero of Alkaddissia Battle
- KHALED BIN ALWALID, Hero of The Yarmouk Battle
- SALAH EL DINE EL AYYOUBI, Liberator of Jerusalem
- AMRO BIN EL AASS, Liberator of Egypt

TAREK BIN ZIAD was the companion of Moussa Ben Nusseir, the descendant of al-Manathira Dynasty in Hira.

He joined the ranks of Mujahideens and was ordered by Moussa to cross the strait known at pres... إقرأ المزيد

SAAD BIN ABI WAKKAS is the young tribesman who responded to Abi Bakr's call and joined. After his conversion to Islam, the ranks of the Mujahideens for the sake of liberating Arab lands. His field of ... إقرأ المزيد

KHALED BIN AL WALID was a great fighter who supported the noble Arab Prophet after being his sworn enemy. He conducted several battles for the liberation of Arab lands from the Greek occupation partic... إقرأ المزيد

SALAH EL DINE AL AYYOUBI is of Kurdish descent born in Tikrit, Iraq. He engaged in his troops all Arabs, Muslims and Christians, to confront the Crusaders' invasion of the Arab lands.

He liberated J... إقرأ المزيد

AMRO BIN AL AASS was one of the wealthy tribesmen of Qureish who at first opposed and fought against prophet Muhammad. He was sent by Qureish at the head of a delegation to al-Najashi, Emperor of Abys... إقرأ المزيد

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